Lighting Control

Light has the ability to operate practically and aesthetically, and Lighting Control Systems simplify functionality while reducing energy costs and extending the life of lighting equipment.

Convenience | Controllability | Luxury

Living life with complete control and maximized command of one’s surroundings is optimal living at its very best.  Lighting Control Systems enable one-touch control over the lighting, making it possible for homeowners to adjust lights in any portion of the house through the touch of a single button.  Properly designed Lighting Systems can operate equally from wall-mounted touch panels and from hand-held devices such as remotes, iPhones, and iPads. A Goodnight button for example, enables the homeowner to turn off the lights throughout the home while creating a dim path in bedroom halls, all with the press of just one button.

Aesthetics | Integration | Security

Tech Dwellings empowers homeowners to utilize pre-programmed lighting themes.  Many of our systems feature various combinations of brightness, color, and shadow, which make each individual space alter in appearance when scenes change via simple single-press operation.  Lighting control systems also link to Home Automation Systems and provide superior lighting affects for Home Theaters and Media Rooms.  Tech Dwellings can program themes for parties, seasonal lighting, dinners... whatever the imagination desires.

Lighting Systems work side by side with burglar and fire alarms.  In the unfortunate event of a home intrusion, the Lighting System can fill the home with light and flash key exterior lights to signal dispatched police and emergency response units.  When vacationing, most lighting systems include a Vacation Mode that mimics your normal at home activities while you’re away, adding yet another excellent feature that promotes a safe and secure home.

Automated Tasks

Lighting Control Systems also feature the convenience of automated tasks utilizing timers and sensors in order to add to the luxuries of optimal life.  Because Tech Dwellings is a premier Home Automation specialist; our clients receive the added benefit of a multifunctional lighting and automation solution.  Landscape lighting can be turned on and off automatically based on the season, time, and sunrise or sunset.  We’ve even programmed specific day, week or month timer based scenes for those clients wanting added spirit during the holidays or favorite season(s).  Other automated tasks can secure savings in energy by turning off fans in bathrooms after a pre-determined amount of time and dimming lights slowly until off in closets, attics, and garages.  Lighting control doesn't just simplify life and add to your homes aesthetics, but it makes your home a more eco-friendly.


Lighting Systems can handle the control and operation of motorized window shades and draperies, or we can program these to respond to commands via touch pads and remote control interfaces.  With different available sensors, the Lighting Control System can work intuitively to the environment, keeping home more green.  The return on an investment in Lighting Control is one of the best financial investments Tech Dwellings' clients can make for themselves.

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