Home Automation

Home Automation is the art of integrating control of various technologies to simplify use and enhance lifestyle. 

Imagine controlling the lighting, climate, audio and video, energy management, security, and more - from a single, simple to use interface, such as a remote, touch screen, iPad, or iPhone.  Envision turning in for the night and pressing a single button to turn off all lights, and televisions, raise or lower the homes temperature settings, and secure the premises with your integrated alarm.  Tech Dwellings designs and engineers Home Automation Systems that provide the convenience of performing multiple tasks with a single press of a button.

Sub-Systems Controlled Via Home Automation: 

  • Audio
  • Home Theater
  • Lighting
  • Media and Gaming Rooms
  • HVAC
  • Telecom
  • Video
  • Pool and Spa Controls
  • Irrigation
  • Shades
  • Safety, Security, and Cameras
  • Networks

What are the benefits of home automation?

Simple to Use

Tech Dwellings understands how families use home automation, and we have the experience and know-how in designing simple controllability at all price levels.  We focus on home automation systems that make lives easier and help reduce the costs of energy.  It takes a talented provider to properly design and install a robust, convenient, simple to use, and affordably priced home automation system.  Tech Dwellings fully understands our clients needs and we're skilled in incorporating the correct features that simplify lifestyle. We install systems that everyone in the family can easily control.


Home Automation integrates home security, camera systems, and lighting control adding to the safety and security of your home.  Different features can be activated based on different events.  If the fire alarm goes off, your lights can turn on to pre-determined levels to help get everyone safely out of the house.  In the event of a burglary, lights can automatically turn on throughout the house, with the exterior lights flashing to help guide police and emergency where they're needed.  Remote Access makes checking on the house a breeze when at the office or away on vacation.  We can even program your system to simulate your lighting habits when you're away from home - which gives potential burglars the impression that you're actually home.

Eco-friendly - Green

What if you could increase the quality of lifestyle within your home and save energy while enjoying added features?   You can!  Home automation allows for increased and automated control of the energy used in your home.  Tech Dwellings can lower the cost and usage of energy, and provide our clients with a step toward living more “green”.


Keypads and Touch Panels clean up wall space and add to the attractiveness of your home.  In most homes it's not uncommon to see groups of 4 gang wall switches to turn on and off the many included lights.  Home Automation resolves cluttered wall space by replacing groups of switches and controls with simple, user friendly controllers that take up far less space and access all of the homes many systems.  By designating all of the different components to a closet or control room, the interior becomes a significantly more enjoyable space.  We will incorporate our technologies with interior designers and architects to increase the attractiveness of your home.  

There is no limit to what can be done with Home Automation. Tech Dwellings can design and install a solution that works right in any home.

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