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The perfect day begins like this: With the single touch of a button from your bedside, the lights slowly illuminate to 40% and the temperature adjusts to a perfect 71°. The morning news automatically comes on. In the bathroom, the shower starts, towels begin to warm, and in the kitchen, the coffee pot begins brewing your favorite blend. And you haven’t even rolled out of bed yet.
If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life – the possibilities are endless.
Let Tech Dwellings put it all together for you with simple, smart controls and state of the art technology that seamlessly integrates into your home and your lifestyle.

Home Theater and Entertainment

Create the home theater of your dreams with high definition, flat panel TV’s, surround sound, the highest quality audio and video. Turn the house lights up or down with integrated lighting controls. Pipe music throughout every room in your house. Control it all with a single, easy to use, color touch panel remote. We custom design the system to fit your room, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Lighting and Climate Control

Create just the right ambiance, any time of day or night, with lighting and climate control. Lights can automatically brighten or dim, deter intruders, set the mood for special occasions, and switch off if you’ve forgotten. The temperature of each and every room in your home can be automatically adjusted to be comfortable when you’re home, yet save energy when you’re away. 

Office and Network.

Create high speed, wireless, secure networks to connect computers, phones and communications throughout your home.

Home Security

Home security systems provide peace of mind, protecting your home and family from burglaries and fire. But they can do much more -- like turning lights on and off, readjusting thermostats, and alerting your cell phone to any unusual activity, like water leaks or drops in indoor temperature. When you’re away from home, you can visually inspect your house and make adjustments over the internet.

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