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As entertaining as they are fashionable, TVs are the focal point of the room and can deliver a sleek, clean style to any setting. Available in LED, OLED, LCD, Plasma and UHD, with a host of features, and a range of sizes to fit your living space, there’s an LG flat-screen TV ready to address your viewing needs.


LG OLED TV - The Ultimate Display.  The eye-opening, jaw-dropping,, total immersion TV experience.

Modesty has its place.  But not here.  LG CURVED OLED TV transforms the viewing experience with its color richness and dazzling picture quality.  It may be thin as a pencil, but the technology behind LG OLED TV is big and impressive. 

LG SMART TV - Cinema 3d.  Smart. Inspired by you.

The LG Magic Remote lets you spend less time navigating and more time enjoying the premium content you want, easily accessed on your LG Smart TV. 

LG ULTRA HDTV.  Reinventing the way you watch TV

To say we've raised the bar on picture clarity is an understatement.  With four times the pixel resolution of Full HD, watching an LG Ultra 4K HDTV is a breathtaking new experience.  And now, our 84"-class resolution TV is joined by 65"-calss and 55"-class editions.  

Discover LG Cinema 3D

Want 3D like you get it in the movie theater?  Lightweight glasses, cool 3D effects and a great picture experience?  LG's Cinema 3D TV can bring it right into your home.  

RELAX - LG has you covered.  Contact Tech Dwellings to learn more.  

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